From Burnout to Brilliance

A Personal Development Workshop for Teachers in Japan

A two-day intensive workshop for teachers of all levels 
July 15 &  July 16 (10am – 5pm each day)
Nanzan University, Nagoya 

This holistic workshop looks at all the components of your life that come together to allow you to be the best teacher, colleague, and contributor to your institution that you can possibly be, while at the same time enhancing the areas of your life that fall outside of the role of teacher.

In this workshop you will:

• Learn what contributes to teacher burnout

• Learn tools and techniques to overcome the stress that contributes to burnout

• Utilize methods that will assist you not only in your career, but in your personal life as well

• Have a deeper understanding of the cultural pressures unique to Japan that create burnout

• Identify and take control of the unconscious values that mold your behaviours

• Create a personal and realistic action plan for your own teaching career


  • Trainers: Dr. Brian Cullen & Sarah Mulvey, MA
  • Location: Nanzan University, Nagoya (a short walk from these subway stations: Irinaka, Nagoya University, and Yagoto Nisseki; ~30 minutes from Nagoya station)
  • Cost: 28,000 yen
    (make your payment before July 1 and get this two-day workshop for only 25,000 yen.)

In the past, some teachers have received financial support from their schools or been able to avail of research or faculty development budgets.

The contents of the Burnout to Brilliance workshop have been created especially for teachers, and will address, among other important topics, the unique pressures put upon and felt by teachers in Japan.

The timing of this workshop is perfect for teachers feeling the burnout from grading, unenthusiastic students, boredom, lethargy, difficult colleagues, long meetings, homesickness, and of course, the heat.

From Burnout to Brilliance will help you to get your mojo back right now, while providing you the tools and techniques to recognize when burnout is about to hit in the future.

The Burnout to Brilliance workshop is part of our Teacher Development Workshop Series. Please contact us if you would like to host a workshop at your school or institution.

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