Hado for Life, Be Well for Life
1-69-3 Akanabe Nakashima
Gifu city, Gifu Prefecture
Japan, 500-8269

500 8269
岐阜 岐阜市
茜部 中島1 -69-3


What is Hado? Hado is everything that is energy. Energy moves around in vibrational wave forms and these wave forms have frequency – high, medium, low and anything in between. When we are sick, we are vibrating at low, heavy/negative levels. But when we are well, we’re vibrating at high, light/positive levels. At Hado for life, the Hado Astrea/ETASCAN shows us these levels on the screen. Heavy loads can be changed by adding a new informational wave form to the energetic field which surrounds the body. If the body resonates with the wave, then immediate improvement can be seen and felt by the client. This wave can be added to water, so therapy can be continued at home during the week or month. A follow-up scan can be scheduled to check on the percentage of improvement. When the heavy loads of energy are lightened, then the cells of organs are given freedom to go from dis-ease to ease, the natural repair and healing phase of life. If you are interested in seeing the heavy loads inside your own body, feel free to contact us for an appointment. These sessions are life changing, so get ready to see more, feel more, understand more about yourself!

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